Car Shelter FAQ


Snow Removal

Q: Should i remove the snow off of my car shelter? 
A: Yes, remove snow one section at time (both sides), not along length of one side first, followed by the opposite side.


Q: Does the cement blocks make the job to anchor my car shelter?
A: Big No. We definitely do not recommend using concrete blocks for anchoring. This will potentially subject the car shelter to sliding and wind uplift. We recommend to use permanent anchors to secures your shelter against strong wind.

Q: Should I open or close the front and back door during strong wind?
A: You have to close both doors to avoid parachute effect.


Q: Can I remove my car shelter a rain day?
A:Never. Choose a sunny day to remove the tarp to be able to roll it in a dry condition.

Q: Do you offer reparation service?
A: Yes we do, there is a minimum cost of 100$