Party Tent FAQ


Winter Party tent

Q: Can we keep the party tent installed during the whole year?
Yes, but you have to keep an eye on it and clean it off snow during each snowstorm.


Q: Is there an option to anchor the party tent then big anchors?
Yes, concerning the pop up tents, we can use sand bags. For the frame tents we can u water barrels and for the pole tents, we use big cement blocks (2’x3’x4’ min 3500 pounds)

Q: Should I open or close the sides walls during strong wind?
You have to close all sides walls to avoid parachute effect.


Q: Does the rental price include the side walls?
Yes, it does

Installation date

Q: When do u come to install my tent for my event?
Usually we install a day or 2 days before your event and we remove a day or 2
after your event. Exceptions could take effect.


Q: When should I confirm my order?
A: The order is confirmed once a deposit is made. We can`t promise any availability
without a reservation due to a big demand of a season activities. We always
recommend to reserve in advance to make sure all items are available.